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Uganda is enormously endowed with natural and cultural resources that can form the basis for lucrative tourism industry, creating employment, generating income not only in urban areas but also in the rural areas, thereby contributing to poverty eradication. Apart from creating awareness in the conservation of the country’s environment and cultural heritage, spreading tourism development geographically.

From the moment you land at Entebbe’s modern and efficient international airport, which is breathtaking equatorial location on the forested shores of island stream Lake Victoria, it is clear that Uganda is no ordinary sari destination. Dominated by an expensive golf course leading down to the lakeshore, and a century-old botanical gardens alive with the chatter of acrobatic monkeys and colorful tropical birds, Entebbe itself is the least obviously urban of all comparably sized African towns. Then, just 40km distant, sprawled across seven hills, there is the capital Kampala.

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