Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing some of the most popular hiking and climbing destinations in Africa are situated in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and also the highest free-standing mountain in the world, is a magnet for thousands of climbers from all around the world. Various climbing routes wind up Kilimanjaro offering an overwhelming experience to the intrepid climbers who scale the dramatic peak. Other beautiful climbing routes scale the wildlife-rich forests of Mount Meru.

Climbers pass through changing vegetation zones. Lush tropical mountain forest, alpine moorland dotted with giant lobelia and groundsel. Arctic desert and finally on Kilimanjaro arctic conditions where snow and ice prevail.

Most routes require no special knowledge or training. These are however steep climbing routes that require good fitness and health. Technical climbing routes exist on Kilimanjaro and other massifs in the area and can be arranged for interested parties.

Kilimanjaro Climbing, Things to Remember:

Mountain climbing, just another sport, requires enormous preparations. If you are ill-prepared, likely to lose the game, but the reverse is most also certain, that is, if you are well prepared, chances of winning are higher. One of the main factors which make climbers fail to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is poor preparation.

Therefore, if you want to successfully conquer the mountain, you must thoroughly prepare yourself in these aspects; firstly, determination set your own goal. You must not be pushed or dragged by other people merits to take the decision of climbing the highest point of the mountain. The ultimate decision must be made through your own ulterior motives.

Thus, you must be having your own reasons and will to reach the summit. You must ascertain that all important climbing gears and equipment are accessible. Missing any of the important clothes or equipment can make you one of the worst experiences ever seen in your life.