Most of the area covered by these two reserves – about 197 square kilometers – is occupied by Lake Bogoria. The parks are located about 260 kilometers from Nairobi and about 25 kilometers from the Lake Baringo Airstrip. The Lake Bogoria Park was opened to visitors in November 1970. Tourists can either stay at the park lodge, or camp at one of the three public campsites or the professional campsite. A picnic site is available for them. Hot springs and baths provide a natural spa for the visitors. Lake Bogoria waters contain the blue-green algae which tend to attract thousands of flamingoes seasonally and turn the shores pink. Bushed grasslands surround the lake and visitors can spot a variety of animals here including the buffalo, zebra, impala, and dik dik. The southern shore of the lake consists of acacia-ficus woodland, while the northern part is a “papyrus swamp.” Visitors can explore the beauty of the park by camping, walking or boating.

A circuit tour of the region also includes the Lake Kamnarok National Reserve. This park was opened to visitors in June 1983. The landscape includes a 4,000 feet deep valley with semi-tropical vegetation on the slopes. Lower down, there are dry thorn bushes. Visitors can observe animals like the bush pig, waterbuck, buffalo, elephant, Rothschild’s giraffe, dik dik, and warthog and birds like pelicans and grebes. Visitors cannot, however, stay at this reserve.