Travel and tourism is a social right that concerns every human being. However, it is estimated that over 500 million disabled people in the world do not take holidays. For those with some form of disability, many of the existing tourism offers are not easily accessible. At Visa Expeditions, we recognize that disability is not an inability to tourism.

A safari in Africa is both internal and external, and one that overcomes the inherent disability in the person. More importantly, life takes on a new meaning. The safari itself gives pride in accomplishment and encourages you to take on new adventures and challenges, thus helping to overcome fear. Visa Expeditions has successfully handled adventures for wheelchair travellers, small groups, and slow walkers. Our personally escorted tours reflect a particular fondness for continued learning and cultural intrigue. Our experience and commitment to speciality travel allow us to design travel programs that harmonize unique needs and individual capabilities. Choose any tour from the special interest or adventure tours offered, and this will be designed to suit your pace, special medical needs, and care.

Demand for Safaris & Tours

Demand for accessible tourism offers is growing, and the tourism industry is starting to recognize that tourists with disabilities form an important consumer group. Visa Expeditions specializes in arranging tours for the physically impaired, blind, and deaf in the community.

We book our disabled clients in hotels in Tanzania that have facilities for the disabled. We avail the use of professional nurses for the physically impaired during escorted tours of wildlife games in Serengeti National Park, beaches in Zanzibar, boat excursions in Lake Victoria, birding tours, cultural tours, and other tourist sites in Tanzania.

Wheelchair Users & Slow Walkers: Safaris & Tours

We are familiar with the needs of varying mobility impairments, and we will do everything possible to accommodate your particular needs. Wheelchair travel and tours in the wildlife sanctuaries, sports events, eco-tours, and at the Tanzania coast beaches have been our favorable itineraries. Past itineraries have been created for mature travelers, slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, and their families and friends.


Visa Expeditions Disability Travel Resources

Our travel resources include disability tour planning, individual wheelchair and family tours, disability educational tours, corporate individual disability tours, and custom tours for physically impaired or elderly women and men. We tailor tours of Serengeti migration and offer disability hotel bookings in Tanzania.

The Blind: Tours & Safaris

We encourage blind travellers to come along with close family members or spouses on our tours. Such travel companions can help in explaining the scenery and offer comfort. Blind students should be accompanied by their tutors.

The Deaf: Tours & Safaris

The deaf can be provided with translators during escorted tours in the wilderness, on the Tanzania coast, and on Lake Victoria waters. Visa Expeditions provide around-the-clock escorts to help with life’s little problems.

Disability Tours & Safaris in Tanzania

We can assist you in planning your own tour package! Just let us know where and when you would like to travel and we would be happy to assist you in planning a wonderful vacation for yourself as an individual or as a group.

Please note that these tours are usually tailor-made two months before the tour departure date. This gives us time to adjust our accommodation facilities to favour the nature of our client’s disability, which includes the adjustment of the tour van seats and sitting arrangements, bookings in suitable hotels and lodges, allocation of suitable staff to handle the client’s needs such as the hiring of wheelchairs, escorting personnel, nursing staff, and sign language guides.

Each tour is personalized to suit each guest taking into account their disability, which is why no prices are listed. Each disability is different and each tour cost changes with special requests and the guests’ “wish list.” Customize your tours and safaris with us. If you are as passionate about travel and feel you can take it on, allow us to help you explore this world of opportunity and fulfilment.

Who are People with Disabilities?

When many people think of disabilities, the first image that may come to mind is that of someone using a wheelchair. Although an important segment of the disabled population, individuals who use a wheelchair for mobility represent only one segment of those individuals with disabilities. There are a wide range of disabled individuals who may wish to participate in international programs and tourism.

Below you will find a list of the major types of disabilities:

  •  Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  •  Vision Impairments
  •  Mobility Disabilities
  •  Psychiatric Disabilities
  •  Learning Disabilities
  •  Attention Deficit Disorder
  •  Systemic Disabilities
  •  Brain Injuries

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