Bird Watching Safaris

Birding in Africa is specifically designed with birdwatchers in mind, but we wish to stress that our tours offer far more than just birding. Our family-run company offers professional Bird Watching, Wildlife, Photographic and Natural History tours within Africa. It is our aim during the tour to show you the splendor of the Namibian landscape in all its forms. With our tours running through a range of habitats from the Tarangire National Park to the great Serengeti National Park, the geology, plants, insects and large mammals are as much part of our tours as the pursuit of birds. Our aim is not to only cater for the real twitcher, but also for beginner birders as well as the general layman who would like to learn more about this fascinating hobby. We also provide plenty of opportunities and time for photography and can accommodate any groups specifically interested in photography.

Birding Safari Itineraries

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