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Tanzania is a travel destination with rich culture and tradition and its background makes glorious heritage and pride.  From the history of mankind, Tanzania was referred to as a destination and home of man. More information on Tanzania’s history can be got from the early Arabs and Swahili traders who settled at the cost of commercial business.

The protection and conservation of wildlife in Tanzania has made it wild in East Africa. The biggest part of  Tanzania’s wildlife has been  reserved as a  parkland ( National parks) like Serengeti located in the  north of Tanzania,  Selous  National park in the south with  a number of animal species good for game viewing safaris

Visitors who plan to visit East Africa for wildlife should not forget to include Tanzania for wildlife and the rich culture and tradition attraction. Mountain  Kilimanjaro the tallest mountain in Africa is located in Tanzania, sand beaches with white sand can be visited while in Tanzania, diving safaris, and island vacations on Zanzibar Island.

Tanzania is a tourist attraction fascinating cultural and heritage, and its history is a source of pride and glory.Tanzania has been considered to as a humans destination and home throughout centuries.

Tanzania’s species effective conservation initiatives have brought the world into a paradise for wild creatures in East Africa.The majority of Tanzania’s species has been preserved as parkland (National parks), such as the Serengeti in the north and the Selous in the south, both of which have a diversity of organisms suitable for game viewing safaris.

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